Hydraulic Repair Services in Dickinson, ND

Dakota Power Hydraulics is quickly becoming one of the state’s premier sources for hydraulic hose repairs and related services. We are capable of taking on just about any type of hydraulic repair service job, with work including:

  • Cylinder DesignCustom design and repair of systems:
    If you need an entirely new system designed, or already have a custom system that needs special attention for its repairs, our team has exactly the capabilities you need to get the job done. Our thorough training in the world of hydraulics enables us to handle even the most complex jobs with great reliability.
  • Hydraulic DesignHydraulic fittings:
    When hose and hydraulic fittings degrade, problems with systems can arise. We keep all hose fittings in outstanding condition to improve the longevity of your equipment. We’re your source for hydraulic hose fittings in Dickinson, ND.
  • Hydraulic FittingsHydraulic pump repair and valve repair:
    Pumps and valves can become worn or otherwise defective over time. We repair or replace these pieces of equipment on your machinery to get it back to good working order. Count on us for hydraulic pump repairs and more.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder RepairCylinder design and hydraulic cylinder repair:
    Let us know the specific needs you have for your hydraulic cylinder designs, and we will be happy to customize them for you. Our team is also available for hydraulic cylinder repairs for pieces you already have in place.

    • Hydraulic cylinder honing: Up to 8″ bore and 8′ stroke.
    • Hydraulic cylinder testing: Up to 3000 PSI.
  • Hydraulic Pump RepairFull machine shop:
    We have all of the machinery you need to get just about any hydraulic-related job done. Contact us and let us know what you have in mind, and we will be able to make it happen.

    • Machining of barrels, chrome rods, heads, and pistons.
    • Welding and Fabricating
    • Hydraulic jack repair
  • Hydraulic Winch Repair:
    Winches and cylinders are often the highest maintenance items. We provide quality repairs to make sure your equipment is working properly and reliably. We handle mechanical mis-alignment, level winding of the rope, brake controls, load control valves, and timing issues. Whether your winch is due for regular service or just quit working, you can count on us to get it operating again quickly.
Hydraulic Hose Repair
Hydraulic Pump Repair
Cylinder Design

These are just a few of the capabilities that we have for hydraulic design and various hydraulic repair services. We are more than happy to speak with you about custom designs or specific needs you have for your equipment. For more information about hydraulic design, hydraulic hose repairs, and more in Dickinson, Gladstone, South Heart, Stark County, and New England, ND, contact us today at Dakota Power Hydraulics by calling 701-483-0650.
We look forward to working with you!

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